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So much…

This little guy had a rough weekend and ended up going to the emergency vet office Sunday night. He is having an issue with his prostate (of all things)! We returned home Sunday afternoon after going out for a while in search of a kitchen cart (what a chore) and returned home to blood all over the place. We first thought the dog-boys had been in a fight or something! So we checked them all and they were all fine so we actually started to think that someone had broken into the house and that the alarm had failed to work. Once we had check all over to make sure there wasn’t a wounded intruder hiding Dan took all three boys outside and when Bentley went to pee it was straight blood! We called the emergency vet and Dan took him in right away. It was a few hours and $143.00 dollars later that we learned it is his prostate. He is on a antibiotic for the next ten days and then will follow up with our regular vet office. Prays and positive energy would be greatly appreciated!It seems like I have so much going on right now! First of all we never did make it to Gig Harbor. Dan ended up having to go in for a briefing Saturday morning and so that day was pretty much shot. Then on Sunday we became really involved in cleaning and yard work. I suppose that was actually a good thing because we ended up weeding, laying weed barrier and mulching the rose garden in the back yard.

We also spoke with the new owner of the house next door. The same one who tore our retaining wall down last April while Dan was deployed and then made a half ass attempt to rebuild it. He has rented out the house next door was there fixing the front porch because it seems the people renting were complaing about it. Anyway, after everything they didn’t (tearing down our wall, killing my plants, and stealing my tree) it seems he has run out of money now! What does that mean? That means everything he put me through was for nothing! He doesn’t have the money to continue with the building of the 6 new homes beside us so he is planning the sell everything. The empty lot that he cleared and cut down ALL the trees to make room for more homes and the house next door that he only bought to be able to widen the sewage line to service the new homes. Karma can be a funny (or not so funny) thing.

I would also like to point out that The Pagan Sojourn has something very intresting going on right now and everyone should check it out!

The photo used in this post was taken by my dear friend Raul and more of his amazing photograpy can be seen here.


Things that live in the trees…

We have this great new friend in the who had taken up residency in the backyard! I think it is adorable eating out of the birdfeeder! After several days of getting closer and closer it finally let me get close enough to take a great picture. However, my Jack Russell and the “rat” are not happy with the fact with this little guy in living in the back! Baby Dog (Amos) on the other hand could really care less about what lives in the backyard as long at it stays in the trees and away from him!

It is all about the watchdog

Today was bath day for all the boys. That was some adventure. Of course when it was over they were all clean, soft and cozy! I am not sure they enjoyed me giving the bath since this something that D normally does. But for the most part they were all really good. Bentley was the worse but he was fine once I actually caught his little butt. He tried his little escape artist thing and went under the futon but the scent of milk bone was more than he could handle and he soon surrendered peacefully.
Amos was a little hard to actually get in to bathroom…I can’t carry him around so I lured him in with a milk bone and then just had to lift him into the tub. After that it was pretty easy. Winnie of course is to small to fight back if wanted so he went peacefully.

This afternoon there was an extremely strange man wandering around in my front yard. He came up to the porch but never knocked or rang the doorbell. How freaking creepy is that?? The only reason I knew he was out there was because of the dog boys. There were going crazy…he didn’t even seem to notice just kept looking around at the house. I went to get my shoes so I could go out and ask him what the hell he was doing and by the time I got back to the front he was getting in his truck and driving away. WTF?? It was some kind of food deliver truck so I suppose there is a chance was just lost. Needless to say I am little freaked out tonight!! Good thing I have these watchdogs! 🙂

The sun came out…

Tell me this boy isn’t happy to see the sun! He sits on The Perch and enjoys a lay afternoon in the sun. Yesterday was one of the most sunny days we have had in months. It was so nice outside…almost in the 50’s I think and the sun was bright. I was even able to open the garage door while I was working and the fresh Washington Air was amazing. It actually helped to keep me awake since I wasn’t able to sleep much last night. It doesn’t seem like all the Tea for Sleep is helping in that area. So I was up late working and slept pretty late today. D says it is good to be up at night because the electricity cost less. I have no idea if he says this to make me feel better or if it is actually true.

I spent a long time on the phone yesterday with my mil and we a great (very long) conversation. Then I spent the afternoon working, watched Flight Plan, ate frozen pizza for dinner while watch Fear Factor and then kept flipping channels to watch Commander In Chief and American Idol. Exciting I know…tell me!
Today I have some website orders to ship and then I plan to work on a newsletter.

Celebration or Protest

The house is so still and quiet today…it is rather odd. I keep thinking my phone is going to ring but of course it won’t. It is hard to have a normal routine and then with not much notice it all changes. I catch myself thinking as if nothing were different.

The boys decided to have a party…I’m still not sure if this was a celebration or protest. Winston seems proud to take credit for this although I know it was a joint effort between the three of them. I thought I would share some of what I wake up to each morning. If you have ever had a dog that loves to chase a ball you will be able to appreciate this. Technically I don’t speak bark but it isn’t to hard to understand this Jack on Crack! These are just two short clips of what goes on for hours…or until I throw the ball. First the the Stare Down then The Fit. (you need to give these a minute to load before hitting play)

For all the other Blackberry users out there (or anyone who knows a BB junkie) I thought you might find this amusing. I am able to laugh at myself and others. While I am not all that bad…this clip reminds me much of D! His dad must of thought the same thing because he is the one who sent it to us!

The Perch

You should believe these guys are serious! This area is referred to faithfully as “the perch” in our house. This is where Amos spends most of his time and where all the action takes place when intruders are detected on the property, in the street or even down the block. By intruder I mean the cats from next door, the birds who happen to innocently land for a drink in the birdbath or pond and also anyone else ( human or canine) who will to dare walk down the street. Many wars have been fought from this area and many victory speeches have taken place in this very spot! No doubt at the time this was taken there was some kind of action in the making. Notice the pointy ears…this is always a sign that the storm is coming.

Rain, Mud and War

Well I have multiple things to bitch about so I thought this might be a good a place to do so mainly due to the fact I am alone tonight and so who would I bitch to anyway..

1. The rain…the rain is the root of all my bitching! The rain is totally insane here and needs to stop. Because of the rain there is more to bitch about.
2. The dogs are totally bored out their minds since they can’t/won’t go outside in the rain. Do you have any idea how hard it is for a Jack Russell to be trapped inside all day. I would imagine it being close to asking a two year not to move for 3 hours straight! Because of this my home has become a war zone. They have no way to burn off any energy and so they are starting to fight. I give this picture. A JR bored out of his mind and plotting world destruction or in other words plotting who he is going to torment next!
3. Everything is a mess…everything is wet, muddy and just plain gross! We NEED sunshine! Every time I actually manage to bribe the dog to go outside and pee when we come back inside we bring at least two pounds of mud on the 14 feet coming back through the door! This make it pointless to try and keep the kitchen floor(or anything else for that matter) clean…it is freaking impossible!

On top of all this the new working hours that D has suck! Today for no reason at all I was crying…that is when you know it needs to stop raining. We have been doing this crazy lifestyle for many years now and so this isn’t anything new for me. I’m just all screwed up in my sleep, the rain sucks and well that is about it!
However, I must add in defense of this region that the spring and summer are the most awesome I have ever experienced if we could just skip the winter and move on!

So if I sound like I am losing it that would be because well because I AM!

Today is Day 27!

BentleyLover = SallyLover

Is this not a picture of love? I just had to share these adorable pictures of Bentley and Sally. They share such a special relationship! In case you can’t tell my JRT is absolutely in love with my friend Sally. She shows him affection and attention and in return she has won his undying love. Although I can’t say this is his first love it most certainly is his current and undoubtedly true love.If all love could be this simply! Animals love you for no reason other than…you
love them.

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