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No Lady

D made it home safely yesterday and of course at the top of our list of things to do was to go pick up the Lady! I patiently waited at home for him to finish up at work and come to pick me up so we could head out to get it. He wanted to change and spent a little while with the boys then we were on our way. I had no idea of the disappointment that would follow. We arrived knowing it would be to late to hit the range by the time we were done in the store but having ever intention of being able to go tomorrow as soon as D was done with work.
Unfortunately due to incompetent help at the Sportsman’s Warehouse we would not be leaving with the Lady! They had not properly provided the information that is required for the background check on our original visit with which had prompted a result of delayed. When we spoke with them yesterday we discovered that we had been lied to by an employee and that while we could legally leave with the Lady Smith a Proceed reply had not yet come back from NICS. Being the responsible people that we are we decided that it would not be wise to actual take the Lady Smith even though legally we were able to. Now what? I’m not sure…they (the store) really seem to not have a clue what they are doing and can’t really give and good solid answers. Maybe it is time to shop some where else?


The right thing to do

I didn’t actually see the sentencing but when I turned on the TV this morning they were talking about the decision that the judge made about sentencing Cody Posey as a juvenile. I believe that with so many people supporting Cody from his own community, jurors and the general public the judge really had no choice. I’m not sure if he made this decision because he feels it is right or because he will soon be up for re-election however, I agree with it and think it was the right thing to do. This boy isn’t a career criminal and he deserve the opportunity to get the help he needs to be productive in society. I know so many people disagree with this. As for me I am pleased.
There are repeat offenders of unspeakable crimes who do less than 7 years and so to send a child to prison for the rest of his life….that seems like a crime. There is a difference between people who kill at random or for personal gain and people who kill to save their own life. Cody made some bad choices…but who hasn’t? We all have things( probably not murder) big or small that we can look back on in our minds and know that we could have handle those thing differently if not better had we thought them through. However, the difference is chances are the things we think about took place in our adult life not when we were children

My Saturday

I had a good time today. Went over to Tonya’s house and watched a few movies. We had a hard time deciding what to watch but once we did it was pretty cool. She invited me to go to church with her tomorrow and at first I was pretty reluctant. I mean I have some vague memory of going to church as a child and well it wasn’t something I was ever able to really find interest in. I really have no idea what to expect but did agree to go to the evening service. I mean after all if can’t be that bad right? I just prefer to keep it from turning into a battle of beliefs. I do think everyone has the right to their own beliefs and the right to openly express what those beliefs are however, I do not agree with shoving it down the throat of everyone in sight.


I spent most of the day trying to clean up my laptop. It seems that some lovely little program decided to make home there. It wasn’t the easiest thing to get rid of but I do think I was able to safely remove it and everything seems to still be working correctly. It took several hours out of my day.
Our weather has remained cold but dry…I am really happy about this. I was really started think the rain would never end. While I am told that is isn’t gone for good it has been nice to have a break.
Tonight I spent a long time on the phone with a new friend and we had a nice conversation. It is always fun to meet new people and get to know them. I don’t get to do that often so I was excited when she invited me over to her house tomorrow afternoon to just hang out. It is nice to have someone around to talk to with D being gone. We just haven’t done this in such a long time and I seem to be having a much harder time with it all now than I have in the past. I suppose I was easily spoiled having him home for so long.
I haven’t heard for him for days now via email. He isn’t a big email writer anyway but I have tried to explain to him in the past how nice it is to get email while he is away. I don’t think he really gets it. Anyway, hopefully he will home soon and I won’t have to think about that for a while.

Current News

I have to say I am just shocked about the thing with the vice president. So many conflicting stories to me seems a little fishy. I of course believe that it was an accident however, I wonder if it had been anyone else would there only be a $7 fine for not having the proper permit to hunt? Then the fact that they said no alcohol was involved and then later said he did have one drink with lunch. One drink is not “no alcohol”!! Again I don’t believe that he meant to shoot his friend but I do think the whole thing was handled very poorly.

As for the guy who they think killed his wife and infant daughter…I see Scott Peterson all over again. So many things about this are similar to that and this is just getting started. I think everyone should have learned a lesson from Scott…I didn’t feel they really had enough evidence to find him guilty but I do believe he killed his wife.

Here is a link to the personal website for this “once” happy family.

The Vedict is in…

It only took the jury 12 hours to decide his fate. That simply doesn’t seem long enough to me personally. However, the verdict is much like I expected it to be. While his father was without question not a nice person, the step-mother even questionable…there is still the matter of his step-sister. Why he actually killed her we will never know. Now it is up to the judge to decide where he will spend the rest of his life….a prisoner for most if not all of his adult life? Not a nice thought.
I feel that had he only killed his father the outcome of this would be very different. The real questions is does a child have the ability to think things through enough to consider all the options? Or did he simply act out what he saw as his only option.
I know that often with these types of cases the focus falls on the criminal and little attention if given to the victims…in this case it is hard to form an opinion on just who the criminal is and the who the victim is. The only clear thing is that his step-sister could have only been as much of a victim as Cody himself. She was a child just as he was. Her fate was was determined for her by Cody and now his to will be decided by someone else.

The Wait

This morning I had a very unexpected phone call. Those are becoming more common these days. Things were starting to get a little calmer around here but that is all about to change.

It does seem that we are going to have at least a few days of no rain. That is always something to look forward to and be thankful for around here. I can’t wait to have a few sunny days in a row. We have a small amount of sun here and there but never a whole day.
The trial for Cody Posey has ended and now everyone is just waiting on the jury. I have watched this pretty closely and have really mixed feelings about the whole thing. I don’t think it is going take that long for them to decide. I do think the are going to find him guilty it is just a matter of …guilty of what?

Flight 93

All I can say is that having D home for a short time was wonderful! It was short and the time flew by but it was great! It was a reminder of just how lucky I really am.

I have been waiting for months for this movie. While I really do want to see it I know it is going to be very emotional. I just like almost every other American remember just where I was on 9-11 and exactly what I was doing. In my case it isn’t very hard to forget. I was standing on a beach with my (now) father-in-law who I had just met for the first time. We together were watching the submarine that my then boyfriend (now husband) was coming home on. This day I will remember for the rest of my life…for many reasons.
As we were standing on the beach with the other parents, gfs, children and wives of the men aboard that boat we had no idea what was going in the world. We didn’t have a clue that America would be forever changed as we stood there on the beach on what is normally a very happy occasion. It was homecoming. The most important day of the year to every sailor and every family member. The boat had been deployed for 12 weeks and there wasn’t one person present who wasn’t ready to throw their arms around their loved one and welcome them home.
We watched the boat enter the channel to make the trip to the pier on the base and as it started to disappear again the group we were with decided it was time to make the short drive back to the the base so that we could met them at the pier. We had been very excited to be on the beach that day…watching the sub come in form there is the most amazing thing. After such a long separation we were just moments away from being reunited.
When we all settled into the car and were just pulling away from the beach there was lots of excited chatter going on in the van we were riding in. We were being escorted by another wife and there were several of us. Her cell phone rang and of course we the passengers were so excited that we paid little attention to her conversation. Until something in her tone and voice changed…then she had our full attention. She calmly explained that the caller (her friend) asked her is she had the TV on. Of course her answer was no. They reported to her that a plane had just flown into the world trade center. Of course at that moment we didn’t know it wasn’t an accident. I was in an instant state of shock, fear, and disbelief. We turned the radio on and quietly listened to the broadcast finding hard to believe what we were hearing. By the time we arrived at the gate to the base they had shut down the entire facility…which meant nobody got on and nobody got off. There were barricades like I have never seen and marines armed with rifles. It look just like something out of a movie. The was just the beginning.

At the time I live over a 100 miles away from the base but there was no way I was going to leave until I knew where D was and what was going on. We went back the hotel room where his father was staying and we immediately turned on the TV. What we saw was even harder to believe that what we had already heard. By that time they were replaying the video of the 2nd plane hitting. I have never felt as devastated as I did at the moment that I first saw the footage. Hearing something simply does not have the same impact as visual confirmation.

For hours we had no idea where the sub was, where D was or what was going on with him. After waiting as long as I possible could without going completely insane I (through not so conventional methods) found out that the second they hit the pier they were immediately turned around and sent back out. It would end up that they would return (10 days later) the day before his father was to fly back home. I spend most of the time with my future father in law. We were simply passing the time hoping they would soon return.

There is really nothing more that can be said about the tragedy of that day. I will not forget the feelings I felt during that time but they can’t possibly compare to what the friends and love ones of those lost felt and I’m sure still feel.

The Heroes

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