when pianos try to be guitars

Have you every really thought about all the time we spend in life trying to be what we aren’t? Chances are when we do this we think we are doing it for our self. The truth is we do this for others. We do this more often than we think we do and even when we don’t realize it. It is time spent wasted no matter how we try to rationalize it.

I know this is very random even for me. Think about it…I mean really think about it.



  1. FreedomGirl Said:

    Thats exactly why I joined roller derby. Nobody expected it. I’m so glad I did it.

    Thanks for the good wishes about Hubs surgery.

  2. Penguin Said:

    Yep, spent over 30 years doing that. Exhausting work. Of course, I was a tuba trying to be a flamingo…

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