Return of…

Well once again I have allowed this blog to fall to the side. So where have I been? Good Questions! I wish I could say that the last month has been action packed but that isn’t really the case. It has been worked packed though. I have been spending time working on my business and my husband’s schedule has been simply put INSANE! I can’t go into all that right now but it has been a rollercoaster. Summer is a really had time around these part because you really do want to spend as much time outside of the house as possible. The weather doesn’t allow much time outside in the winter so I try to pack it all into the summer. Now that we are getting back into the rainy season I have time for everything indoors! I have a lot of catching up to do on the blogs that I enjoy reading and this is the perfect time for that.

In a sort of a last ditch effort to slip a vacation in we are leaving on Nov. 1 to spend a week in Santa Monica with Dan’s family. We will return on the 8th…well I will at least. He has some work to do in CA (which is what prompted this whole trip) and so he won’t be home for a little while longer.



  1. FreedomGirl Said:

    Glad to see you aren’t dead. Have a good trip and then BLOG about it!!

  2. the july moon... reporting live Said:

    Thank you! I should have some pictures to post and a story to tell!

  3. Penguin Said:

    Welcome Back! I missed you, too!
    Enjoy the trip – I am in envy. Kiss the Ocean for me!

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