Home again

Dan made it home around 5:30 and we pretty much rushed out the door to Best Buy to replace the NEW mp3 player that he had taken on his trip. For some reason it decided to just stop working (after he dropped it) and nothing could be done to fix it. He always makes a point to buy the service plan (which we have used on many different products) so it was pretty easy to go in and get it replace. However, the brand that we had they didn’t have in stock….so we decided to go with the 60GB Ipod. We did have a pay a small difference in price and they sell the power adapter separately…which D needs for when is traveling. After we were done there we just came home and hung out. He started playing with the Ipod but didn’t really get it work right. We aren’t at all familiar with the ITunes software so we need to figure that out. After playing with it for a while we spent the rest of the night hanging out and well…you know the rest.


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