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Our plans

Our plan for tomorrow is pretty simple. We are going to have a nice relaxing day at home and then in the evening we are going to go to the casino to bring in the New Year. It seems as though this is going to become our new tradition. It worked well for last year and it was one of the very few times that we actually won money rather than lost. I hope everyone have a safe and fun New Year!



D went back to work today after his vacation only to find out that now everyone is on vacation and he will be off until the 3rd. That was a pretty cool surprise for both of us. So now we can spend a little time alone and just kind of hang out before he goes back to work for real. After the holidays I have lots of work to do with the business and get back on track. We have several new marketing ideas and I am excited to get things going with it all.

Back to normal

Yesterday we drove D’s mom and step-dad back to the airport to fly home. We had an on drive and decided kind of at the last minute to try and find a store open where we could buy everything for a holiday feast. Luck for us it was early in the say and Safeway (though now our first choice for shopping) was open and on the way home. So we did just that bought everything brought it home and cooked! D even made the little mini pumpkin pies that we like so much. We have a wonderful relaxing day.


Well I can only say that the last few days have been very…strange. Amazing how quickly everything can change and things become very odd! On top of everything else my watch is broken. We took it to the store and replaced the battery with no luck. It still isn’t working and I have no idea why.

Rain Rain Go Away

Well the weather isn’t any better…still raining but we are having a good time anyway. I have to say I don’t think we have gone out this much in the rain since we moved here a year ago. Yesterday we went to Front Street and to check out Poulsbo Place. They are still working but it doesn’t look like much had really changed since we were last there.


Well everything went pretty smoothly with picking our guests up at the airport. Other than a little rain we have an easy drive and made it home safely. They have left their wonderful Santa Monica weather behind and joined us here in the wonderful wet northwest. Today we plan to go check out their property and see what progress has been made with the construction. I have no idea how these builders work in the cold rain but things seem to be moving along there with the homes being built. Of course actually construction has not started on their home/storefront but they are building some of the smaller homes in the development and we are excited to all visit it together. D and I can’t wait to see what they think of it live and in person. It looks like for the next few days at least we are going to be having classic Washington weather. This is great because this is the perfect opportunity for them to see where they are going to soon be living!

Last minute…

Talk about last minute! This morning D was on the phone with his mom and I guess she didn’t realize he was on leave for the next 10 days because all of a sudden they were talking about plane tickets and the next thing I know we are in a rush to clean the house because they are arriving at SeaTac in less than 8 hours! Amazing! The best part is that the house if sparkling clean and we have time to spare. I’m sure we will have a wonderful time and we don’t mind last minute plans at all. We are just so shocked that they were able to buy round trip tickets from LA to Seattle for just $228 each. I guess that is the benefit to flying the same day and the fact the return flight is on Christmas Day. So they will be here with us for the next 6 days which will be wonderful. This will be the longest they have stated with us since they normally travel under the three day rule which is… after three days fish and company stink!
This evening we are going to drive to the airport to meet and pick them up. How exciting!

New Look!

I had simply started to get bored with the blog and so thought it was time to make some changes. I am very happy with the way it is going so far except for the fact that I have seriously screwed something up and now have this strange text all over the blog! Yikes! Well I am seeking help with that and in the meantime I will continue with what I am doing.It is still freezing cold in our part of the world and so we continue with the inside activities. Racquetball seems to be the thing of the moment. We have been going a few times a week and both love it. Right now warmer weather is what I would enjoy more than anything else! However, it going to be a while before we see anything close to warm.

D is off for the next 10 days on leave and so we are going to work more on the site and getting more new product added. After this short vacation things are likely to get very busy for him and so our goal is to do as much as we can in this time.

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