Mind Prober

Anyone remember this? Apparently this was a rather popular program many years ago. D just happened to get a copy of this from an old friend of his last night. So we installed and ran it. I actually had never seen this program but D was very excited to see it again. I have to say his excitement was somewhat child like. He had that gleam in his eye. You know that “Christmas morning for an 8 year old” gleam. He is rather adorable when he is like this. So we proceeded to run this analysis on each other. I went first answering the questions about him. It took about 5 minutes to answer them all (I think I was putting more thought into it than needed) and when I finished it spit out this whole 4 paragraph overview of his personality. We had some good laughs with this. It basically stated that he is a well rounded, sensible, highly intelligent, reliable to get the job done, straight forward kind of guy!
Next was his turn to answer the same questions about me…I decided not to look at what he had to say so that I wouldn’t influence his answers in anyway. YES believe it or not I have personality flaws and I am aware of it!
He finished answering and it was time to hear the truth! Basically it comes down to me being a highly creative, dependable, slightly emotionally unstable, spirited, with a touch of needy-ness, never boring, lunatic!
The best part though is that D knows all this and he loves me in spite of it (or because of it) all!So the point to all of this is…if you are feeling up to the challenge I have made available for download your very own copy of this highly complex and accurate personality analyzing software. So that you too can discover who you truly are!!! I would love to hear your results.

Click here for the Mind Prober download


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