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2 years and counting

So yesterday was our two year wedding anniversary and we had a wonderful time. We all took the ferry over to Seattle, made a LONG walk to the Space Needle and spend a long time there. The view is simply breathtaking from there. I don’t think I have ever seen anything like that. It was truly amazing. We had our pictures taken and did the whole tourist bit. After we were done there we took the tram to 4th and walked a couple more blocks to the Cheesecake Factory where we had dinner. This was such a very interesting dinner…considering the whole place (staff and customers) were in an uproar over the fact that they had almost no cheesecake! Cin ended up buy the last Godiva cheesecake they had and we just brought it home. It survived the walk and the ferry ride and as always was so delicious! We walked around Pike’s Market for a little while before catching the ferry home.



My dear friend Cindy in Florida called me yesterday morning and said “find me a plane ticket I am coming to visit you.” I thought…no problem when did you want to come? I’d love to see you! What a surprise when she said tomorrow or Monday! Wow! Talk about short notice! Needless to say I spent the rest of the day finding a plane ticket for her. I’m still amazed that she was able to get a round trip ticket from Florida to Seattle, WA for less than 400.00 with buying it less than 24 hours before she was going to fly.
It has been almost a year since we last seen her and Bruce. We went to visit them one last time before our move to Washington. We had dinner and drinks and most importantly we came up with the idea for a restaurant that is going to make us all millionaires one day! This was shortly after Baby Emma’s visit. We said our tearful goodbyes and D and I headed out on our Great Adventure! What an adventure it has been! Unfortunately Bruce isn’t able to come due to work but I’m thrilled to have Cin for this visit!
The thing is her flight times weren’t all that great. She did have to get up at about 3 am this morning to make it to the airport for a 6:50 flight. She has a short layover in Atlanta. All in all this isn’t so bad though. She should land here in Seattle around 12.12 if all goes as planned.
D is going to take of some things this morning and then we are going to head out to the airport to pick her up! I can’t even explain my excitement! Cindy and I have the kind of friendship that will always remain. No matter where life takes us or how far apart we are. The kind of friendship that is more like sisterhood. I love you Cin!

Mind Prober

Anyone remember this? Apparently this was a rather popular program many years ago. D just happened to get a copy of this from an old friend of his last night. So we installed and ran it. I actually had never seen this program but D was very excited to see it again. I have to say his excitement was somewhat child like. He had that gleam in his eye. You know that “Christmas morning for an 8 year old” gleam. He is rather adorable when he is like this. So we proceeded to run this analysis on each other. I went first answering the questions about him. It took about 5 minutes to answer them all (I think I was putting more thought into it than needed) and when I finished it spit out this whole 4 paragraph overview of his personality. We had some good laughs with this. It basically stated that he is a well rounded, sensible, highly intelligent, reliable to get the job done, straight forward kind of guy!
Next was his turn to answer the same questions about me…I decided not to look at what he had to say so that I wouldn’t influence his answers in anyway. YES believe it or not I have personality flaws and I am aware of it!
He finished answering and it was time to hear the truth! Basically it comes down to me being a highly creative, dependable, slightly emotionally unstable, spirited, with a touch of needy-ness, never boring, lunatic!
The best part though is that D knows all this and he loves me in spite of it (or because of it) all!So the point to all of this is…if you are feeling up to the challenge I have made available for download your very own copy of this highly complex and accurate personality analyzing software. So that you too can discover who you truly are!!! I would love to hear your results.

Click here for the Mind Prober download

Thank you

I have been slacking on update here but I’m back on track now!Yesterday our gracious friend Sally took us out and treated us to dinner and conversation! We had the most wonderful time (D and Sally even more so thanks to 1800 and Tangora) eating, drinking and talking! She took us to new restaurant that has recently opened and the food was wonderful…the conversation even better! Thank you Sally we owe you one! Just try to say clear of the stalkers!:) I would also like to encourage everyone to check out her marvelous work by clicking here!
I’m not afraid to admit that I am addicted to the Vanilla Hell and the Dead on Chocolate!

Birthday Wishes

Today is D’s birthday and of course my (other) idol Tori Amos also shares this date! So to my wonderful husband…Happy Birthday and thank you for being the perfect husband for me! Tori (although I am most certain that you won’t be reading this) I hope you have a wonderful day with your husband and beautiful daughter!

D and I are very excited because he also recieved a spa gift card from Steve and Lorene. We plan to have a spa date together! I’ll be sure to update on that!

Beer Butt Chicken

Well I have to say the Beer Butt Chicken was a hit! Once you (if you can) get past the name of what it is you are eating the chicken is delightful. Flavorful and very moist!!
I had no prior knowledge of how the ritual of the beer butt chicken took place. Let me just say…this is a true case of “the name says it all”! Basically you take a whole raw chicken (I myself have never cooked a whole raw chicken and although this was very delicious I’m still not sure it is something I can do) and true to the name you stick a beer in the butt of the chicken! Now of course you can use any type of beer, add any herbs or seasoning that you like to the beer before actually inserting it! It is then placed on the actual beer butt cooking rake. Then you simple cook it for hours (slowly) on the grill and before you know it…you have a perfectly prepared Beer Butt Chicken! I don’t expect to see this on any restaurant menu anytime soon. However I do highly recommend this recipe.


Today we attended the birthday party and had such a wonderful time. That is except for the fact that I can’t actually say for the first (and hopefully) last time that I almost froze to death. Although it is considered to be “summer time” here in Washington it is certainly not the summer we are use to. Our host for this party has recently installed a new pool. We were pretty excited about that right up until about the time we hit the water! It seems the water didn’t have quite enough time to heat up! To the credit of the host of the party they did make every attempt to warm the water prior to the party but we all know how nature can be. Needless to say it was a short (very short) swim. The sun has never felt as good as it did when I stepped out of that pool.
Our gift was a success! We choose the ever popular (with the 7 year olds) ninja gear! It had just about everything a ninja could want or need for that matter.
We have also been invited tomorrow to attend the “beer butt chicken” ritual! This will be a new experience for us. I will be sure to update more on this later.

New flag

I’m not sure how I feel about the new “flag” option that blogger has added. It seems to me that everyone should have the opportunity to speak (or in this case type) as they see appropriate. I think what bothers me the most is that they have left such a broad scope on it. They (blogger) state “it means they believe the content of the blog may be potentially offensive or illegal”! Illegal is a given I mean I have no problem with this. On the other hand what each individual “may” find “potentially offensive” is a something completely different! Is is not?
On a lighter note…today was rather interesting. D and I had the adventure of going out to find a birthday gift for a friend’s son who is having his 7th birthday party tomorrow. We hit the local Toys-r-us and wow…was that nostalgic! We were literally like kids in a toy store. Being an adult is sometimes highly overrated!

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