Why I don’t watch previews

Does anyone even watch the previews on rental DVD’s? Well I don’t! Not normally that is. Until just this week I have always just skipped (when given the option) or at the least fast forwarded through them. For some reason unknown to me or mankind I decided to watch the previews on a rental movie. I was shockingly amazed when I realized that I just might want to see these movies which according to the preview were “available now on DVD”! There were two so I eagerly returned to Blockbuster with the mission of coming home with these movies.
When I was unable to find them in their mass display of new releases (I had no idea how old these movies were) I moved on to the “older” section. Still unable to locate even one of these I proceeded to interrupting a conversation between the two very young male clerks at the counter about keyboards in China having or not having Chinese characters! Yeah…I know! This was a discussion that was going on between to two clerks before we entered the store.
So after interrupting this very serious conversation I asked about these movies and he diligently typed in the info given. Only to inform me that they didn’t carry the first movie and they have one copy of the 2nd title available for re-sale. He then added that I was welcome to search their 7000 previously owned movies in search of the one I was looking for to then purchase it for 12.00! This is one of the reasons I don’t watch previews!BTW the tiles were Mean Creek and Enduring Love
Any Reviews?


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