Who did this?

Is anyone else as caught up in this as me? Silly questions since there are message boards popping up all over the place about it. I swear all week long I count the hours until once again I can join the 4400! Sick…I know! I have been known to watch the x-Files occasionally. I never minded the old re-runs of Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock or even Tales from the Crypt. Which btw when I think about now Tales from the Crypt was rather silly. I can’t say I’m a believer but when asked if I “believe” Hmm I simple say… “Well I certainly don’t disbelieve”. I originally stated watching the 4400 out of simple boredom. My husband was away and at the time I didn’t have much of anything going on. It was a simple matter of flipping through the channels and there happen to be a new TV series coming on. So I thought why not…I started watching. Now it seems I plan my Sundays around it.
I can’t really remember ever being so caught up in TV! Who did this to me?


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